Sep 1, 2012

●Tokyo Sky Tree Bank

Tokyo's new randmark; Tokyo Sky Tree opened this spring.
--What is Tkyo Sky Tree?(click to jump wiki)

I've never visited yet, will go when I go back to Japan next time this year.
Woo I can't wait!

There are of course a lot of Omiyages related Tokyo Sky Tree, and
I found a very funny Omiyage!

Tokyo Sky Tree Bank

Normal money box you think? No! look at this!

Yes, this money box is very tall,  1/500scale of the real Tokyo Sky Tree; means about 1.26m.
Tokyo Sky Tree is 634m, and if you put 500yen coins into this money box, the total will be about 634,000yen!

Wow... how long does it take? ahahah.

If it's too big for you, they have smaller versions.

Tokyo Sky Tree Bank Mini

This one is 30cm tall, and it will be about 63,400yen if you fill it with 500yen coins.

Hmm.... but I want the taller one to have fun!

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