Dec 10, 2012

●Sugar Butter Tree

Hello guys, what do you usually have for breakfast?
Fruits, breads, pies, or maybe Natto? haha
(Natto is Japanese traditional food, which smells so strong! But Japanese love it!)

I often have serial. Do you like serial?

Today I'm introducing sweets made from serial!

Sugar Butter Tree by Gin no Budou

The serial is very crunch and sweet.
Sugar Butter Tree has some verities,

Sugar Butter Tree Plain (left) and 
Sugar Butter Sand Tree (Right)

Chocolate Butter Tree
serial coated with white chocolate

I like the Chocolate Butter Tree the best, others too crunch for me.

If you want to love crunch ones, Sugar Butter Sand is the best for you!

They also have gift box for Christmas!
Sugar Butter Tree Christmas Box

Bring it to Christmas party?

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