Oct 31, 2012


Have you ever heard "Kinchaku"?
It is a Japanese traditional fabric bag, which has strings on the top.

Kinchaku Bag

Only pull these strings to close the bag. Really easy to open or close, although the contents are difficult to come out by themselves.

Kinchaku is basically a bag when you wear Kimono or Yukata (maybe you have seen in Japanese Manga or Anime), but now it is also used for everything- for Bento Box, cosmetics, or valuables like passport and wallet.

If you thought Furoshiki is too difficult for you, you can get Kinchaku instead - even children can use by theirselves!

You can get Kinchaku everywhere, not only Omiyage shops or Kimono shops.
There are tons of colors, patterns, sizes and shapes!
About the material, "Chirimen"is most traditional, but there are more types also.
Find your favorite!
Chirimen Material

For kids when wear Kimono

Creative design!

Totoro Kinchaku! so Cute!!

It is also easy to make by yourself. If you like sewing, make it for your kids, then they might be able to be stars in the class!!


  1. Super love the Totoro bag! 可愛い~~

    1. Yes, I like totoro one very much too, the chibi totoro on the string is so cute as well!

  2. Wow these thinga look so cute :)

    1. thank you for your comment Arletta! Hope you get the favorite one :)