Nov 3, 2012


Kyoto is a place you must go in Japan! You can feel traditional Japanese town there.
But what to buy for Omiyage in Kyoto?

One of my recommendation is Yatsu Hashi!

Yatsu Hashi has 2 types, one is baked and the other is raw.

Baked Yatsu Hashi

Nama (Raw) Yatsu Hashi

Baked Yatsu Hashi is like senbei or crackers, but less salty harder than them! The photo above is a bite-size, but there are more longer type also.

Nama Yatsuhashi is not baked, very soft mochi like texture with an filling.
*What is AN? click here to wiki

I love Raw Nama Yatsu Hashi better! There are a lot of types of textures and an!

Nikki(Cinnamon) + Red Bean

White and Black Sesame Paste


This is Red Wine Flavor!

And there are also Yatsu Hashi without fillings.

Without Fillings

I will give you one advice.... Nama Yatsu Hashi's use-by date is really short, around a week, so you should get them slight before leaving Kyoto!

Hmm! Yummy anyway!

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  1. Yes! I love this alot! I.bought 5 boxes back to Singapore. Hehe. the raw apple is Yummy good for tummy - Angie.