Dec 28, 2012


2012 is ending soon, How do you spend?

In Japan, a lot of people go back to their parents house and spend at home with family. (Some young people like to be with friends though)

When we go back hometown, Omiyage is required...!
I used to went back home with Japanese Wagashi, for example-


Yokan is a Japanese traditional sweets made from Anko (Red bean paste) and agar.
One of famous brands in Tokyo is Kuri (chestnuts) Yokan by"Tokyo Yokan"

Kuri(Chestnuts) Yokan by Tokyo Yokan

They have traditional Yokan, the package and shops are also traditional style!

Tokyo Yokan Shop

Also, if you prefer a bit arranged ones, these are also good for Omiyage-

Imo(Sweet Potato) Yokan by Funawa

Funawa is very famous shop for this Imo Yokan.

Sakura Yokan by Yagi-Kashi-Ho in Hokkaido

Mt Fuji Matcha Yokan by Kindaruma

Enjoy Yokan with hot Japanese green tea at home!


  1. The sakura Yokan is beautiful!!!!!!

    1. Thank you for your comment Shirley San, yes the sakura one is beautiful,,, good for having at Hanami? :)