Dec 15, 2012

●Sensu (Folding Fan)

Sensu (Folding fan) is a Japanese traditional fan.
Did you think it is originally from China?

No, its not. Even some Chinese and Japanese understand incorrectly- the fan as shown below is from China, but folding type is originally from Japan!

Fan - originally came from China

Sensu (Folding fans) - folding type is Japanese traditional!

Sensu is really useful! it can be small, and easy to open, also you can make a wind very easily.
There are beautiful designs too

If you want to give Japanese traditional Omiyage, folding fans must be good.
The designs are from traditional to modern, characters are also sold!

Sakura Sensu

Find your favorite before summer is coming!


  1. Oh this is very interesting information:) I didn't actually know whether fan originated from China or Japan. thanks for sharing.

    I have a folding one :) yeay, its Japanese!

    1. Thank you for your comment! Hope it is not made in China lol