Oct 12, 2012

●ROYCE' Chocolate in Hokkaido

I love chocolates!
If you too, you should try this chocolate brand;


Royce' is a chocolate company in Hokkaido, and the quality is quite high.
I like this chocolate covered potato chips!

They have 3 flavors - Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate and Caramel Chocolate! I love all!
But this is not for omiyage I think, it’s for snack time for myself :p
if you get omiyage for friends,,,
these are better

Royce' Nama Chocolate (High Cream Chocolate) - Champagne flavor
Nuts Bars / pure chocolate

Fruits Chocolate bar

At Chitose Airport (main airport in Sapporo,Hokkaido), there is “Royce Chocolate World”.

Im planning to visit Hokkaido at the end of this year, so I must visit there!
There are alot of Royce' products for Omiyage, also selling limited versions!


  1. I love Royce too! yummy! Enjoy your upcoming Hokkaido trip!

    1. Thank you Shirley san!! I really cannot wait XD Actually its third time to visit Hokkaido, I love Hokkaido :)
      Royce' has a shop in Singapore too, but I want to get limted ones at Hokkaido.
      Thank you for your comment anyway!