Sep 30, 2012

●Hello Kitty X One Piece

Did you enjoy my article about Hello Kitty x Evangelion?
Hello Kitty Loves colaboration! This time....

Hello Kitty x One Piece!
One piece is now one of the most popular Japanese Manga, isnt it?
A lot of people loves one piece, from kids to adults :)
Now 2 famous caractors, One Piece and Kitty officially colaborate.

Actually all of them are Chopper x Kitty. Yes maybe they have no idea to colaborate Kitty x Luffy,
or Kitty x Zoro! I have no ideas either....If Kitty x Nami,,,,,, Eehh I cant imagine lol
Chopper x Kitty room slippers

I want this, but here Singapore its too hot to wear! It must be the best to use for winter...

The goods are available at sanrio shops.
Click here to see sanrio shops in Japan :D

Sep 26, 2012

●Sushi USB Flash Drive

Hello~ did you enjoy my blog? I introduced Sushi Basket on my last blog, and now another sushi Omiyage!

 Sushi USB Flush Drive :D

They look delicious... but you cannot eat of course!
If you present this Omiyage to your friends, they must have fun!
Of course you can buy for yourself :)

I prefer salmon one.... it looks really real sushi.
But if i use this, I must get hungry... lol

There are other funny Japanese USB flash drives:

Shuriken USB flash drive

It's in a wooden box

Shuriken;  throwing‐knife is used by Ninja.
Ooh you can be NINJA now!

Sep 25, 2012

●Sushi Basket

Do you like sushi?
It is already very popular Japanese food all over the world, you should of course try when you visit Japan! Kaiten-Zushi; Sushi Train is also fun and not so expensive.

But, how about having sushi in bento box?

Sushi Basket

Im sorry, they dont have salmon in the box....... I love salmon!
hmm? Do you think sushi is easy to expire, and cannot be put in bento?
Right. But you can bring this sushi box anywhere, even to your country back.

Thats because, they are candles!!! Not real sushi..... Looks real sushi anyway right?
Present this sushi basket omiyage to your friends and surprise them!

details about sushi basket (click to see online shop)

Sep 17, 2012

●Hot Japanese Omiyage Shop at Akihabara

I found a good Japanese traditional Omiyage shop at Akihabara, Japan.
The shop’s name is “Souvenir Japan”.
They have traditional Omiyage for example katana(sward), kakejiku(tapestry) and kimono goods etc etc.
Other modernistic  goods are also available. If you are planning to visit Tokyo, must go there once!
(they have online shop but deliveries available only in Japan- yes, a lot of Japanese shop won’t ship abroad…)
 Traditional Japanese Tapestry

 Cool T-Shirts

Chirimen(Japanese Traditional Pattern) Tote

Makeup scissors


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Sep 13, 2012

●Makanai Cosme

Are you planning to get cosmetics in Japan?
Yes, Japanese cosmetics are now familiar all over the world, like SKII, AUBE,ASTARIFT, dejavu…..
But if you buy Omiyage for your friends or for yourself, don’t you think you want to get something which you can get only in Japan?

For you, I have a recommendation!

Makanai Cosme series

Makanai Cosme is a very mild skin care series.
They have lotion, hand cream, UV cream, hair care etc etc.
 Hot Item; Makanai Cosme Hand Cream

Hot Item; Makanai Cosme Lotion

And my best recommendation is this massage salt!

Makanai Cosme Massage Paste

Aren’t your elbows dry and?
Bring it into bathroom and shower with hot water first. Put on your wet elbows, and massage there softly. (don’t put on dry skins)
Then, your elbows will be smooth and glossy!
Be careful, don’t rub too strong. It can be used also on your knees but do not use on your face. Also, do not use every day, 1-2 a week is enough.

It smells very nice and sweet and I can really relax.

Makanai Cosme stores are at:
*Narita Airport
*Haneda Airport
*Tokyo Sky Tree
And other office areas.
The shops are Japanese traditional style

Makanai Cosme @ Tokyo Sky Tree Town

It worth visiting once even if you are not planning to buy. It’s very cute shops and staff is very nice, they instruct you how to use the products!
Official English Website is Here.

Sep 8, 2012


Have you ever heard "Dango"?
Dango is a Japanese sweets, and Kibi-Dango is a kind of Dango.
Kibi is Kinako, which means soybean flour.

Kibi Dango
Mmm! Yummy!
Kibi Dango is familiar as an Omiyage of Okayama, Japan.
In a famous Japanese falk tale, Momo-taro gives Kibi-Dango to animals and they become his friends.
Then the animals and Momo-taro defeat Oni (a kind of demon).
The story;Momo-taro is set in Okayama, thats why Kibi Dango is an Omiyage of Okayama.
Learn more about Momo-taro (click to wiki)

There are a lot of Kibi-Dango for Omiyage in Okayama.

Sep 1, 2012

●Tokyo Sky Tree Bank

Tokyo's new randmark; Tokyo Sky Tree opened this spring.
--What is Tkyo Sky Tree?(click to jump wiki)

I've never visited yet, will go when I go back to Japan next time this year.
Woo I can't wait!

There are of course a lot of Omiyages related Tokyo Sky Tree, and
I found a very funny Omiyage!

Tokyo Sky Tree Bank

Normal money box you think? No! look at this!

Yes, this money box is very tall,  1/500scale of the real Tokyo Sky Tree; means about 1.26m.
Tokyo Sky Tree is 634m, and if you put 500yen coins into this money box, the total will be about 634,000yen!

Wow... how long does it take? ahahah.

If it's too big for you, they have smaller versions.

Tokyo Sky Tree Bank Mini

This one is 30cm tall, and it will be about 63,400yen if you fill it with 500yen coins.

Hmm.... but I want the taller one to have fun!