Aug 31, 2012

●Evangelion X Hello Kitty

Do you like Evangelion? Hello kitty as well?

Sanrio has colaborated with Evangelion, commemorated new movie; "Evangelion: 3.0 YOU CAN (NOT) REDO".

 Evangelion X Kitty - Pins
 Evangelion X Kitty - Key Chain
 Evangelion X Kitty - iPhone Cover
Evangelion X Kitty - Mug Cup

They are available Sanrio Shops - like Tokyo Tower branch, Haneda eirport etc, but might be out of stock soon.

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I'm Introducing "Navona" today :)
Navona byKame-Ya Man-Nen-Dou

Navona has been loved by people mainly in Tokyo for a long time, about 50years.
It is a kind of "bouche", a cream sandwich with spounge.
There are a lot of this kind of products nowadays, but I think Navona has the best spounge in any bouches I've tried ever. It's really soft and like a cloud, but the surface is lightly crispy.

Ooh, now I need to grab....

Navona has some variety;
Cheese, choco, rasberry,,, and now Yogurt and Mango flavour available (limited version! I've never tried yet!)

Navona Yogurt and Mango flavour

You can enjoy some flavours, but my most favorite one is Cheese :)

Navona's tag line is "King of any Sweets or Snacks!"

You can get this "King" everywhere around Tokyo, maybe normal department stores have as well.

Aug 30, 2012

●Corne de Corne Tokyo

A few days ago I got an Omiyage from my friend living in Tokyo,

Corne de Corne Tokyo from Morozoff Tokyo:03 series 

It looks maybe simple cokkie or buiscuit based, but not only that.
Inside of the light cookie based roll, whipped chocolates are filled.
The green ones are Matcha(green tea) choco, and pink ones are strawberry choco.
Looks cute as well :)

Morozoff has a lot of yummy sweets (yes thats why I can't help buying when I go near by),
and heard this series, Morozoff Tokyo:03 is available only in Tokyo Station!

I'm sure I will get a few packs when I go back to Tokyo next time.

●Toukibi Choco

My First recommendation of Japanese Omiyage is,
Toukibi Choco (Corn Choco) from HOLI.
This is very sweet and crispy, I couldn't stop eating when I met this at first time!
Very sweet but not too much, the sweetness is really elegant.
I bet from children to elderly, Wemen and men all must love it!
(especially young lady, I guess)

This Toukibi Choco, or Corn Choco is Omiyage from Hokkaido.
You must try or get for your friends and family!

There are also other versions for example
Toukibi Milk Choco
Toukibi Choco Premium (White Chocolate)
This pproduct got Gold Prize in world sweets contest; Monde Selection.
--Whats Monde Selection?

Toukibi Choco has packages of 10sticks(350yen), 14sticks(630yen), 16sticks(700yen), 28sticks(1,100yen).
Not so expensive, but im sure you really enjoy!

You can get them at main airports or station in Hokkaido.

Ooh now I need to go to Hokkaido to get them! I miss Toukibi Choco!