Aug 31, 2012


I'm Introducing "Navona" today :)
Navona byKame-Ya Man-Nen-Dou

Navona has been loved by people mainly in Tokyo for a long time, about 50years.
It is a kind of "bouche", a cream sandwich with spounge.
There are a lot of this kind of products nowadays, but I think Navona has the best spounge in any bouches I've tried ever. It's really soft and like a cloud, but the surface is lightly crispy.

Ooh, now I need to grab....

Navona has some variety;
Cheese, choco, rasberry,,, and now Yogurt and Mango flavour available (limited version! I've never tried yet!)

Navona Yogurt and Mango flavour

You can enjoy some flavours, but my most favorite one is Cheese :)

Navona's tag line is "King of any Sweets or Snacks!"

You can get this "King" everywhere around Tokyo, maybe normal department stores have as well.

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