Sep 13, 2012

●Makanai Cosme

Are you planning to get cosmetics in Japan?
Yes, Japanese cosmetics are now familiar all over the world, like SKII, AUBE,ASTARIFT, dejavu…..
But if you buy Omiyage for your friends or for yourself, don’t you think you want to get something which you can get only in Japan?

For you, I have a recommendation!

Makanai Cosme series

Makanai Cosme is a very mild skin care series.
They have lotion, hand cream, UV cream, hair care etc etc.
 Hot Item; Makanai Cosme Hand Cream

Hot Item; Makanai Cosme Lotion

And my best recommendation is this massage salt!

Makanai Cosme Massage Paste

Aren’t your elbows dry and?
Bring it into bathroom and shower with hot water first. Put on your wet elbows, and massage there softly. (don’t put on dry skins)
Then, your elbows will be smooth and glossy!
Be careful, don’t rub too strong. It can be used also on your knees but do not use on your face. Also, do not use every day, 1-2 a week is enough.

It smells very nice and sweet and I can really relax.

Makanai Cosme stores are at:
*Narita Airport
*Haneda Airport
*Tokyo Sky Tree
And other office areas.
The shops are Japanese traditional style

Makanai Cosme @ Tokyo Sky Tree Town

It worth visiting once even if you are not planning to buy. It’s very cute shops and staff is very nice, they instruct you how to use the products!
Official English Website is Here.

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