Sep 26, 2012

●Sushi USB Flash Drive

Hello~ did you enjoy my blog? I introduced Sushi Basket on my last blog, and now another sushi Omiyage!

 Sushi USB Flush Drive :D

They look delicious... but you cannot eat of course!
If you present this Omiyage to your friends, they must have fun!
Of course you can buy for yourself :)

I prefer salmon one.... it looks really real sushi.
But if i use this, I must get hungry... lol

There are other funny Japanese USB flash drives:

Shuriken USB flash drive

It's in a wooden box

Shuriken;  throwing‐knife is used by Ninja.
Ooh you can be NINJA now!


  1. This is soooo cute! arghhhh I want them all!!!

    1. Yes, me too :)
      But if i use sushi ones, i must get hungry while even working!

  2. I’m not really a foodie which is why my full attention was on that Shuriken USB flash drive! I love that it looks like a star. This one will surely be the “star” attraction and I want to have one too!