Sep 30, 2012

●Hello Kitty X One Piece

Did you enjoy my article about Hello Kitty x Evangelion?
Hello Kitty Loves colaboration! This time....

Hello Kitty x One Piece!
One piece is now one of the most popular Japanese Manga, isnt it?
A lot of people loves one piece, from kids to adults :)
Now 2 famous caractors, One Piece and Kitty officially colaborate.

Actually all of them are Chopper x Kitty. Yes maybe they have no idea to colaborate Kitty x Luffy,
or Kitty x Zoro! I have no ideas either....If Kitty x Nami,,,,,, Eehh I cant imagine lol
Chopper x Kitty room slippers

I want this, but here Singapore its too hot to wear! It must be the best to use for winter...

The goods are available at sanrio shops.
Click here to see sanrio shops in Japan :D

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