Dec 28, 2012


2012 is ending soon, How do you spend?

In Japan, a lot of people go back to their parents house and spend at home with family. (Some young people like to be with friends though)

When we go back hometown, Omiyage is required...!
I used to went back home with Japanese Wagashi, for example-


Yokan is a Japanese traditional sweets made from Anko (Red bean paste) and agar.
One of famous brands in Tokyo is Kuri (chestnuts) Yokan by"Tokyo Yokan"

Kuri(Chestnuts) Yokan by Tokyo Yokan

They have traditional Yokan, the package and shops are also traditional style!

Tokyo Yokan Shop

Also, if you prefer a bit arranged ones, these are also good for Omiyage-

Imo(Sweet Potato) Yokan by Funawa

Funawa is very famous shop for this Imo Yokan.

Sakura Yokan by Yagi-Kashi-Ho in Hokkaido

Mt Fuji Matcha Yokan by Kindaruma

Enjoy Yokan with hot Japanese green tea at home!

Dec 15, 2012

●Sensu (Folding Fan)

Sensu (Folding fan) is a Japanese traditional fan.
Did you think it is originally from China?

No, its not. Even some Chinese and Japanese understand incorrectly- the fan as shown below is from China, but folding type is originally from Japan!

Fan - originally came from China

Sensu (Folding fans) - folding type is Japanese traditional!

Sensu is really useful! it can be small, and easy to open, also you can make a wind very easily.
There are beautiful designs too

If you want to give Japanese traditional Omiyage, folding fans must be good.
The designs are from traditional to modern, characters are also sold!

Sakura Sensu

Find your favorite before summer is coming!

Dec 10, 2012

●Sugar Butter Tree

Hello guys, what do you usually have for breakfast?
Fruits, breads, pies, or maybe Natto? haha
(Natto is Japanese traditional food, which smells so strong! But Japanese love it!)

I often have serial. Do you like serial?

Today I'm introducing sweets made from serial!

Sugar Butter Tree by Gin no Budou

The serial is very crunch and sweet.
Sugar Butter Tree has some verities,

Sugar Butter Tree Plain (left) and 
Sugar Butter Sand Tree (Right)

Chocolate Butter Tree
serial coated with white chocolate

I like the Chocolate Butter Tree the best, others too crunch for me.

If you want to love crunch ones, Sugar Butter Sand is the best for you!

They also have gift box for Christmas!
Sugar Butter Tree Christmas Box

Bring it to Christmas party?

Dec 8, 2012

●Yoku Moku

When you get Japanese sweet Omiyage for friends, you might want to get traditional ones.
But if your friend likes western things better, I can recommend you this!

Yoku Moku Cookies

Yoku Moku provides mainly cookies, they are really light. Since they are not hard at all, they are also good for elderly. It is sweet but not too much, I always eat too much haha!

The most Famous products in Yoku Moku are;

Yoku Moku Cigar

Yoku Moku Billet au Chocolat au Lait
(cookies coated by sweet chocolate)

I also recommend you these follows -
Yoku Moku Bateau de Macadamia

Yoku Moku mille-feuille  Limited until March!

You can find Yoku Moku shops at department stores, or main Airports in Japan - Im sure Haneda Airport has the Yoku Moku products :)

If you cannot decide to buy, they also have assorted packages!

Enjoy tea time with Yoku Moku!

Nov 29, 2012


Omiyage from Hokkaido!
I found very Yummy Omiyage in Hokkaido, the name is

Kibana by Tsuboya

Maybe you all do not know it, oh i did not know either.
But after i tried once, i cannot forget the taste.....
i should have some boxes for myself!
Kibana is very sweet, so good to have with black tea or coffee.

Put White chocolate between almond galette, Kibana is very simple sweets but the taste is not ordinary. The chocolate is very elegant, and the galette is crispy but soft.
Well, i cannot explain! anyway try them!

Kibana has been won Monde selection, the world sweets contest for 25 years!! Now i can understand why....
Kibana is much yummy than you imagine. i promise!

Oh,, now i miss Kibana! Guys, please get them for me when you go to Hokkaido!

Nov 28, 2012

●Trip to Japan

Hello friends, how are you?

My husband and me went to Japan last week! hadnt back over a year....
We stayed at my parents house, really comfortable!
My parents and sisters, brothers in low, their 2 kids (my nephews) and gramma, all welcomed us and prepared good food as well.
Sushi, Unagi (eel), Gyoza, Oden nabe..... etc etc
Japanese Gyoza

Japanese Oden

We were very happy there!

And my husband and me had a trip to Hakkaido too, actually it was 3rd time for us to visit Hokkaido :p
My husband loves Hokkaido very much, because it is very cool or cold, completely different from Singapore!

In Hokkaido, we went to Sapporo first, stayed 2 nights and also went to Sapporo Beer Museum :D

The guide san is really kind and cute haha!

By the way, Sapporo beer is very famous all over the world, but have you ever heard a product Sapporo Classic?
Sapporo Classic is available only in Hokkaido!
Sapporo Classic - available only in Hokkaido!

We bought 1 box and sent to my parents :)

There is Sapporo Classic Furano Vintage version also, i heard it is very rare! we sent to parents also :)
Sapporo Classic Furano Vintage 2012 - rare even in Hokkaido!

You should try if you have chance to go to Hokkaido~!

After Sapporo, we flied to Hakodate and stayed another 2 days.
The hotel is named Hanabishi Hotel, high quality onsen (hot spring) hotel!
Hanabishi Hotel

Private Onsen in the room

We booked high class room, which has private onsen in the room hehe~
The bathtub is enough big, room is comfortable, and staff is all kind and nice.
The price is not cheap, but we want to stay there again some day. Ooh,,,, need to save money!
Hakodate is familiar with seafood, you can find a lot of fresh seafood around Hakodate station; it has morning fish market. 
We had kaisen don (seafood on rice) there- mine was ikura and salmon, and husbands is crab tempura!
Dinner at hotel, most of them are seafood like kani (crab), sashimi of tuna and salmon, also abalones, etc etc..... Wow, so happy!!!

i will introduce Omiyages on this blog soon, look forward to new updates!! 

Nov 11, 2012

●Hiyoko Manju

Do you like Japanese Manju?
(What is Manju? -- Click here to jump to wiki!)

When you hear Manju, the shape may round or elliptic.
But today im introducing very cute shaped Manju : Hiyoko !


Cute isn't it?
Hiyoko means a chic, thats why this Omiyage named Hiyoko :)

Bigger than normal Manju

White Filling from head to hip!

There are some flavors and variations depends on seasons;

Chestnuts flavor

"Family" Pack -Cute!!

Big Hiyoko (1 each in a box)

Right one  is normal Hiyoko and Left is Big Hiyoko

By the way, Hiyoko has long history, this year 2012 is 100th birthday!
Every Japanese must know this Hiyoko Manju, but there is a funny thing.

If you have a Japanese friend, try asking him/her "Hiyoko is Omiyage from where"?
Some people answer Tokyo, others Hakata (kyushu).

Hiyoko is originally made in Hakata (Kyushu area), and later they moved to Tokyo.
So there are "Hakata Hiyoko" and "Tokyo Hiyoko" and it caused confusion.

Still a lot of people do not know whether hiyoko is from Hakata or Tokyo, but actually both Hiyokos are completely the same, expect the package- well, package designs are also same, the difference is only that Tokyo one is written "Tokyo Hiyoko" and Hakata one "Hakata hiyoko".

Anyway Hiyoko is loved for 100 years in Japan, you should have them!

Nov 3, 2012


Kyoto is a place you must go in Japan! You can feel traditional Japanese town there.
But what to buy for Omiyage in Kyoto?

One of my recommendation is Yatsu Hashi!

Yatsu Hashi has 2 types, one is baked and the other is raw.

Baked Yatsu Hashi

Nama (Raw) Yatsu Hashi

Baked Yatsu Hashi is like senbei or crackers, but less salty harder than them! The photo above is a bite-size, but there are more longer type also.

Nama Yatsuhashi is not baked, very soft mochi like texture with an filling.
*What is AN? click here to wiki

I love Raw Nama Yatsu Hashi better! There are a lot of types of textures and an!

Nikki(Cinnamon) + Red Bean

White and Black Sesame Paste


This is Red Wine Flavor!

And there are also Yatsu Hashi without fillings.

Without Fillings

I will give you one advice.... Nama Yatsu Hashi's use-by date is really short, around a week, so you should get them slight before leaving Kyoto!

Hmm! Yummy anyway!

Oct 31, 2012


Have you ever heard "Kinchaku"?
It is a Japanese traditional fabric bag, which has strings on the top.

Kinchaku Bag

Only pull these strings to close the bag. Really easy to open or close, although the contents are difficult to come out by themselves.

Kinchaku is basically a bag when you wear Kimono or Yukata (maybe you have seen in Japanese Manga or Anime), but now it is also used for everything- for Bento Box, cosmetics, or valuables like passport and wallet.

If you thought Furoshiki is too difficult for you, you can get Kinchaku instead - even children can use by theirselves!

You can get Kinchaku everywhere, not only Omiyage shops or Kimono shops.
There are tons of colors, patterns, sizes and shapes!
About the material, "Chirimen"is most traditional, but there are more types also.
Find your favorite!
Chirimen Material

For kids when wear Kimono

Creative design!

Totoro Kinchaku! so Cute!!

It is also easy to make by yourself. If you like sewing, make it for your kids, then they might be able to be stars in the class!!