Dec 8, 2012

●Yoku Moku

When you get Japanese sweet Omiyage for friends, you might want to get traditional ones.
But if your friend likes western things better, I can recommend you this!

Yoku Moku Cookies

Yoku Moku provides mainly cookies, they are really light. Since they are not hard at all, they are also good for elderly. It is sweet but not too much, I always eat too much haha!

The most Famous products in Yoku Moku are;

Yoku Moku Cigar

Yoku Moku Billet au Chocolat au Lait
(cookies coated by sweet chocolate)

I also recommend you these follows -
Yoku Moku Bateau de Macadamia

Yoku Moku mille-feuille  Limited until March!

You can find Yoku Moku shops at department stores, or main Airports in Japan - Im sure Haneda Airport has the Yoku Moku products :)

If you cannot decide to buy, they also have assorted packages!

Enjoy tea time with Yoku Moku!

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