Nov 29, 2012


Omiyage from Hokkaido!
I found very Yummy Omiyage in Hokkaido, the name is

Kibana by Tsuboya

Maybe you all do not know it, oh i did not know either.
But after i tried once, i cannot forget the taste.....
i should have some boxes for myself!
Kibana is very sweet, so good to have with black tea or coffee.

Put White chocolate between almond galette, Kibana is very simple sweets but the taste is not ordinary. The chocolate is very elegant, and the galette is crispy but soft.
Well, i cannot explain! anyway try them!

Kibana has been won Monde selection, the world sweets contest for 25 years!! Now i can understand why....
Kibana is much yummy than you imagine. i promise!

Oh,, now i miss Kibana! Guys, please get them for me when you go to Hokkaido!

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