Sep 8, 2012


Have you ever heard "Dango"?
Dango is a Japanese sweets, and Kibi-Dango is a kind of Dango.
Kibi is Kinako, which means soybean flour.

Kibi Dango
Mmm! Yummy!
Kibi Dango is familiar as an Omiyage of Okayama, Japan.
In a famous Japanese falk tale, Momo-taro gives Kibi-Dango to animals and they become his friends.
Then the animals and Momo-taro defeat Oni (a kind of demon).
The story;Momo-taro is set in Okayama, thats why Kibi Dango is an Omiyage of Okayama.
Learn more about Momo-taro (click to wiki)

There are a lot of Kibi-Dango for Omiyage in Okayama.

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