Aug 14, 2013

●Kaki-Gori Machine (Ice Shaver)

Everyday hot isnt it?

When it is hot, I like to have some cold things such as iced tea or ice cream.
One of my favorite is Kaki-gori; shaved ice with syrup.

Shaved Ice with Strawberry and Milk

Shaved Ice with Matcha, Red Beans and Milk

My favorite flavor is strawberry milk!
It is tasty- sweet and cold, I can feel cooler even in a hot place.

Japan has some cute self-ice shaving machines :)

 Polar Bear

Hello Kitty- Mermaid :)


Chopper from One Piece!

Mickey Mouse

Pikachu from Pocket Monster



Antique Design

And unique syrups-

Japanese Green Tea Syrup

Ume (Japanese Plum) Syrup

Yuzu Syrup

Mango Syrup

Kuro-Mitsu (Brown Sugar) Syrup

Let's enjoy Summer!!

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