Jul 3, 2013


Japanese sweets are very cute and high quality, especially Jonama sweets:

They need excellent techniques! They all are amazing, and you may want to bring back to your hometown as Omiyage.

However, they are raw sweets and need to keep warm. They also are short lasting, so are not good for Omiyage.

Now, how about Hi-gashi?

Hi-gashi is dry and keeps relatively longer than other Japanese sweets.
They are made of Japanese traditional sugar and flour, and the designs are all cute!

For autumn

looks like bento (Lunch box)!


I am sure that you will be surprised the real ones, because they are not only cute but also very small!


  1. I love Japanese sweets! They are so delicious and so so so beautiful to look at!

    1. Shirley san,
      Yes, they are all like jewels!

  2. OMG very pretty, it must take time and lots of effort to make beautiful candies like that!

    1. Thank u for your comment, and sorry for my late reply!
      Yes very beautiful they are. But professionals can make them very fast!!