Aug 30, 2012

●Toukibi Choco

My First recommendation of Japanese Omiyage is,
Toukibi Choco (Corn Choco) from HOLI.
This is very sweet and crispy, I couldn't stop eating when I met this at first time!
Very sweet but not too much, the sweetness is really elegant.
I bet from children to elderly, Wemen and men all must love it!
(especially young lady, I guess)

This Toukibi Choco, or Corn Choco is Omiyage from Hokkaido.
You must try or get for your friends and family!

There are also other versions for example
Toukibi Milk Choco
Toukibi Choco Premium (White Chocolate)
This pproduct got Gold Prize in world sweets contest; Monde Selection.
--Whats Monde Selection?

Toukibi Choco has packages of 10sticks(350yen), 14sticks(630yen), 16sticks(700yen), 28sticks(1,100yen).
Not so expensive, but im sure you really enjoy!

You can get them at main airports or station in Hokkaido.

Ooh now I need to go to Hokkaido to get them! I miss Toukibi Choco!

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