Dec 28, 2012


2012 is ending soon, How do you spend?

In Japan, a lot of people go back to their parents house and spend at home with family. (Some young people like to be with friends though)

When we go back hometown, Omiyage is required...!
I used to went back home with Japanese Wagashi, for example-


Yokan is a Japanese traditional sweets made from Anko (Red bean paste) and agar.
One of famous brands in Tokyo is Kuri (chestnuts) Yokan by"Tokyo Yokan"

Kuri(Chestnuts) Yokan by Tokyo Yokan

They have traditional Yokan, the package and shops are also traditional style!

Tokyo Yokan Shop

Also, if you prefer a bit arranged ones, these are also good for Omiyage-

Imo(Sweet Potato) Yokan by Funawa

Funawa is very famous shop for this Imo Yokan.

Sakura Yokan by Yagi-Kashi-Ho in Hokkaido

Mt Fuji Matcha Yokan by Kindaruma

Enjoy Yokan with hot Japanese green tea at home!

Dec 15, 2012

●Sensu (Folding Fan)

Sensu (Folding fan) is a Japanese traditional fan.
Did you think it is originally from China?

No, its not. Even some Chinese and Japanese understand incorrectly- the fan as shown below is from China, but folding type is originally from Japan!

Fan - originally came from China

Sensu (Folding fans) - folding type is Japanese traditional!

Sensu is really useful! it can be small, and easy to open, also you can make a wind very easily.
There are beautiful designs too

If you want to give Japanese traditional Omiyage, folding fans must be good.
The designs are from traditional to modern, characters are also sold!

Sakura Sensu

Find your favorite before summer is coming!

Dec 10, 2012

●Sugar Butter Tree

Hello guys, what do you usually have for breakfast?
Fruits, breads, pies, or maybe Natto? haha
(Natto is Japanese traditional food, which smells so strong! But Japanese love it!)

I often have serial. Do you like serial?

Today I'm introducing sweets made from serial!

Sugar Butter Tree by Gin no Budou

The serial is very crunch and sweet.
Sugar Butter Tree has some verities,

Sugar Butter Tree Plain (left) and 
Sugar Butter Sand Tree (Right)

Chocolate Butter Tree
serial coated with white chocolate

I like the Chocolate Butter Tree the best, others too crunch for me.

If you want to love crunch ones, Sugar Butter Sand is the best for you!

They also have gift box for Christmas!
Sugar Butter Tree Christmas Box

Bring it to Christmas party?

Dec 8, 2012

●Yoku Moku

When you get Japanese sweet Omiyage for friends, you might want to get traditional ones.
But if your friend likes western things better, I can recommend you this!

Yoku Moku Cookies

Yoku Moku provides mainly cookies, they are really light. Since they are not hard at all, they are also good for elderly. It is sweet but not too much, I always eat too much haha!

The most Famous products in Yoku Moku are;

Yoku Moku Cigar

Yoku Moku Billet au Chocolat au Lait
(cookies coated by sweet chocolate)

I also recommend you these follows -
Yoku Moku Bateau de Macadamia

Yoku Moku mille-feuille  Limited until March!

You can find Yoku Moku shops at department stores, or main Airports in Japan - Im sure Haneda Airport has the Yoku Moku products :)

If you cannot decide to buy, they also have assorted packages!

Enjoy tea time with Yoku Moku!